Human life matters.
Stop Russian aggression

To friends

Thank you for standing with us.
YOUR deeds save millions of lives.
But we can do more together

  • Let’s wake the world up! Your every voice matters
  • Let’s help those in need!
  • Your every action counts
  • Let’s stop the war against humanity! Together

To those undecided

It is not about Ukraine any more.
It’s about the future of YOUR children.

It is a WAR. Russian invasion to Ukraine is uninvited and unwanted
It’s not going to be forgotten
Thousands of deaths of civilians
could be avoided
It’s going to cost Russia. A lot

We are Stay With Ukraine, a global group of technology professionals united together to protect freedom, independence, and value of human life.
The future of Europe, its democracy, and the world order depends on our joint work towards securing Ukraine and its citizens.

In the face of World War III, human life matters.

Our mission is to stop Russion aggression

We stand for

Stop doing business with Russia

Introduce trade embargo on technology, oil, and gas from Russia

Seize the properties of Russia-supporting oligarchs

Revoke golden passports, residency rights, and cancel visas for the Russian citizens

Boycott products and services made in Russia

Enact a package of new sanctions on the Russian financial system

Advocate Ukraine in establishing a no-fly zone over the country

Global Tech and Business
Stay With Ukraine

No more iPhones

Apple stops product sales in Russia

No more terror propaganda

BigTechs like Google, Meta, and TikTok blocked Russian state-controlled media outlets and access to ad-platforms while monitoring for cyberattacks

No more comfort

VW Group AG, GM Co, Volvo Cars, Hyundai, Mitsubishi Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford Motors are suspending business in Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

No more business

BP, the Russia’s biggest foreign investor and Shell, an energy giant, a global bank HSBC, the world’s major aircraft leasing firm AerCap, together with Boeing and Airbus exit Russia.

International Leaders
Support Ukraine

100+ countries already signed the resolution

This week in Ukraine